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Invoice Solutions for International Contractors Contractors can retain up to 90% of Income

Our Agency Representation, Contract Management and Invoicing Services are useful for international consultants, contractors, commercial intermediaries and international business people and professionals operating in various industries worldwide.  We offer you the ability to establish an invoice vehicle in a cost effective way where we pay out 90% of your contract rate. Doing business through our Agency is like having your own management company without the hassle and ongoing responsibility of managing company affairs, VAT returns, etc.

We use an Irish company which is suitable for international and EU invoicing requirements and offers an acceptable corporate vehicle for such cross border transactions. As your Agency Representative, we will, in accordance with your contract for services with you and your client, raise invoices on your behalf for the services you perform and the fees or commissions you earn.

If you have any additional questions or require any other help or guidance please feel free without any obligation to contact us for a free consultation.

International Salary Cards Ideal and secure for Contractors and Employees

We offer MasterCards in USD, EUR and GBP

 Overview of what we offer:
– Multi-currencies card accounts;
– We are very flexible to clients and find solutions on a case-by-case basis;
– Remote account opening;
– SWIFT and SEPA online wire transfers;
– Unlimited Master Cards (IBANs) under one account;
– Same day transfer;
– Access to money globally;
– Support 24/7;
– High daily limits.

Contractor Debit Card

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