Corporate Solutions for International Business..

Form a Company in the UK or Ireland and legally establish your International Head Office in London or Dublin

Companies365 is a leading international corporate solutions provider.  The use of offshore agency companies with UK companies sometimes referred to as UK offshore companies can bring substantial benefits to international corporate groups and individuals. We are a team of highly motivated professionals, anxious to get familiar with the challenges you face and to create tailor made solutions that will contribute to your further development.
We provide a full range of cross border wealth management services and solutions. In addition to high net worth individuals our clients include professionals, independent contractors, expatriates,

entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. Our core business remains the creation of companies and corporate structures to meet the specific personal or business  demands of our clients. 
We have participating partners in all major jurisdictions  which enables clients to access the whole spectrum of international corporate structures to maximise their personal wealth.  
In today’s harsh business environment prudent tax planning will ensure businesses will survive and remain profitable into the future.

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